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Welcome to Honest Roofers, where every speck of dirt and streak of grime on your roof meets its match. As Aucklanders ourselves, we understand the battle roofs face against our city’s relentless weather. That’s where our roof wash Auckland services step in. With a focus on both effectiveness and affordability, we’re committed to bringing back the shine to your roof without leaving your wallet empty.
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Roof Cleaning

Commercial Roof Cleaning in Auckland

For every business owner, the appearance of your building speaks volumes before a single word is exchanged. A clean, well-maintained roof not only enhances your property’s curb appeal but also prevents premature ageing and damage. Honest Roofers offers comprehensive commercial roof cleaning services that tackle everything from stubborn moss and lichen to pervasive dirt and debris, all at an affordable price. Let us help you maintain a pristine look for your business that reflects your professional standards.

Restore Your Roof's Shine: Professional Washing Services in Auckland

Over time, environmental elements can dull your roof’s appearance and functionality. Our professional roof cleaning team at Honest Roofers uses the latest soft wash and high-pressure water techniques to gently yet effectively restore your roof. Whether it’s removing roof moss or clearing out gutters, we do an excellent job every time, ensuring your roof not only looks new but functions like it, too.

Top-Quality Roof Washing Services in Auckland

At Honest Roofers, quality isn’t just another word; it’s a promise. Our roof cleaning services are thorough, from roof treatments to pressure washing and everything in between. We’re equipped to handle all types of roofs, whether they’re guarding your home or your business. Our methods are safe and won’t harm plants or disrupt your daily routine. Trust us to deliver top-tier services that breathe new life into your roof.

Why Choose Honest Roofers for Roof Cleaning Services?

Why trust your roof to Honest Roofers? Because we’re dedicated to delivering a service that shines as brightly as your freshly cleaned roof. Here’s why customers across Auckland choose us:

Comprehensive Solutions: From house wash to gutter cleaning, our services cover every corner of your roof without cutting corners. We address moss and lichen, roof moss treatment, and more, ensuring your roof is immaculate and well-preserved.

Eco-Friendly Methods: We use soft wash techniques that effectively clean without causing severe damage. This approach ensures that everything from your water tank to your garden stays safe and undisturbed.

Expert Team: Our professionals are highly skilled and trained to handle everything your roof can throw at them. Whether it’s a new roof or an old one needing rejuvenation, they ensure every job is done right.

Value for Money: We offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality. Our services provide excellent value, combining expert workmanship with affordable price points.

Local Understanding: As locals, we have a unique perspective on what your roof needs to thrive in Auckland’s environment. We tailor our services to tackle local challenges, keeping your roof in peak condition year-round.

In a city like Auckland, where the elements can be as tough as the people, having a reliable roof over your head is key. At Honest Roofers, we don’t just wash roofs; we provide a shield that stands strong against the tests of nature. Whether you need a routine roof cleaning or an intensive roof wash, we’re here to do an excellent job. Remember, a clean roof is more than just an aesthetic asset; it’s an integral part of your home’s health. Choose Honest Roofers—where every wash brings your roof closer to perfection.


Affordable excellence - where quality meets affordability for your satisfaction.


Craftsmanship that speaks for itself, delivering exceptional results every time.


Our meticulous attention to detail sets us apart in every project we undertake.

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